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A few days late from when I wanted to do this but then I realized I hit another 1000+ followers from my last follow forever (so 2000+ from the last one of these) and I honestly don’t know what to say except thank you for following me :) I wanted to do this earlier but then… we got hit with such big news that I wasn’t sure it was appropriate but /sigh, what can I do?/ let’s just celebrate the success of EXO’s first concert with…. EXO’S FIRST BOX :)

 I had bought two extra copies of EXO’S FIRST BOX, one to give for the last winner (which should be on it’s way to you soon!) and was thinking of doing another one but since I’m up another 1000 from the last time, I thought why not. So most of you are probably following because of the last ones I’ve done but thank you for not unfollowing or what… and I seriously don’t know why you’re still following me but thank you anyway! T_T So yeah, here’s the post and you know what to do LOL Oh yeah, I decided you don’t have to follow me to win, it’s up for anyone but please be an EXO fan at least… I’ll check archives or what not to make sure. I would rather this go to an EXO fan than to someone who just … wants to win. If that makes sense

Anyway, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me :)

oh! since i got two overdose posters, i’m going to be including that now since i only really need to have one hahaha :)

The “I’m Sorry I’m in Korea Without You” Giveaway —


So I am officially on my summer vacation travels for 2k14, and I’m headed to my homeland, Seoul, Korea on the 23rd of July. Obviously — albums and things are much cheaper to purchase here, which is why I’m excited to spend my savings on things for myself and also a couple of close friends I’m returning to the US with gifts for.

Therefore! I’ll be doing a giveaway of practically anything the winner asks for, as long as I can find it somewhere in a music shop in Seoul easily. T__T (Meaning hopefully the winner will pick out an album that was more recently put out.) You basically can ask for any album out by any band, or photobook if that’s what you would like. Just please don’t request for DVD sets or something ridiculously out of my price range…? Sniff.

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